Be A Councillor, Rotherham MBC

What matters to you about Rotherham? Whatever needs changing in the town, you could be the person to change it by becoming a local councillor.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC) can only be as effective, relevant and vibrant as the people elected to run it. Decisions made by councillors affect the lives of everyone in the area in countless ways, from education to housing and regeneration, community safety, environment, roads and helping local businesses to thrive.

Rotherham Council is changing for the better and we need councillors who are capable, energetic and engaged, with a commitment to local people and a passion for change. If you think this might be you, take our quiz to find out more.

Find out about Rotherham MBC

Councillors are the elected representatives of Rotherham MBC. They are elected for four years unless they are elected at a by-election, in which case they must stand again at the next normal election for the seat.

Representing people in Rotherham, understanding the issues and concerns they face and being taking action is the most important task that any councillor undertakes. Significantly, it is also often the role that local people value most.

Rotherham MBC comprises 21 wards, all of which have three councillors representing its residents – making a total of 63 councillors. You can find out about the political make-up of the council here.

The council is currently overseen by five Government-appointed Commissioners. They take all decisions previously taken by the Council’s Cabinet and Licensing Board, and have a range of other powers. The council is working closely with the Commissioners to improve it for residents, and you could be an essential part of the changes.

Hear from Rotherham’s councillors

Councillor Eve Rose is a very busy person. As one of Rotherham’s newest councillors – elected in May of this year – she combines her work as local member for the Swinton ward with her job as a priest in the Church of England and full-time hospital chaplain.

London-born Eve has made Rotherham what she describes as her “forever home” after meeting and marrying a local man. She had been considering standing as a councillor for a while before actually deciding that the time was right for her. She was keen to stress that a lack of formal qualifications is absolutely no bar to being an effective councillor, and a passion for the place and its people is the key to doing a great job.

“As a local councillor you can really help people, you can actually make the the changes happen that you and the people around you want to see,” she said. “Anyone can be involved. If you are proud of the area that you live in and you want to make Rotherham a better place, then this could really be for you.”

How do I become a councillor in Rotherham?

Take the quiz to find out whether you are eligible to stand to be a councillor.
Provide contact details, at the end of the quiz and we’ll be in touch about the upcoming learning and development sessions.

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